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I am a healing facilitator. The body has the ability to heal itself, although sometimes we get stuck and need someone or something to facilitate the healing process. I love being able to assist a person to heal, to release stresses, anxieties, traumas and pain that they might have been holding onto for years. To be able to witness and be part of a client’s healing and transformation is truly a blessing and an incredible gift which I am very thankful for.

In my practice, I use muscle testing, intuition and knowledge of the remedies and healing modalities that
 I have learned, been trained in and use, to help release the blockages in my clients so their body can start a healing process.

 In a recent channeling session I was told, in the words of Arch Angel Michael,
"We have waited a long time for you to get here. You have taken many different roads on your path here, but you have finally arrived where you need to be."

Talk about a confirmation. My journey has finally taken me where I am destined to be!

My life could be sung in a country ballet. I was raised in rural Saskatchewan, and ventured to the city with my wife as we started our life together. In our early twenties we could not afford much but we worked hard to build ourselves a home, started a business and grew our family. Then my journey began. Medical doctors were unable to pin point the cause of the debilitating pain. I was doubled up on the floor cringing in pain. I truly thought I was going to die, the end has come. The day before my wife drove me to emergency my chiropractor diagnosed me with Crohn's disease, but his opinion was discounted by my doctors. And so I laid in the hospital being poked and prodded while my wife was left on her own to raise a baby and toddler. Six months later I was discharged, missing an organ, having lost my business, missing my kids, and pumped full of medication with the label of Crohn's stamped on my medical charts.  

For almost 15 years I was able to maintain a quality of life by popping pills. My family pictures fluctuate between showing me skinny like a chicken or plump like a balloon, depending on the meds of the month. Then began my downward spiral. In 1998 doctors gave me six months to live, at the current rate of my health decline. Emergency surgery relieved me of six feet of intestine and left me on bed rest for close to a year. The side effects of the medications caused fibromyalgia and I was unable to walk or open my hands without feeling like I was being torn apart. Then one day a good friend came to visit and asked me to trust him. Out of his pocked he pulled a little bottle of birch oil and drop by drop as my pain subsided my life began to change. I am so thankful that he cared enough about me to share his discovery. I am also glad that I was determined to show the doctors that they were wrong. 

That one bottle of Young Living essential oil started me on the path I should have taken so many years earlier when my chiropractor introduced me to the world of alternative healing. To this day I use YL essential oils and supplemental products. For more information on their product line please link to my YL website. From the introduction of essentials oils my interest in alternative healing was like a flame in a hay stack. I spent my days researching oils and other modalities of healing. To my doctors dismay, one by one, I replaced synthetic pharmaceutical pills with natural plant based oils, until I was off my medicines completely. Try as they might the doctors could not argue that my health was improving, even in the absence of their prescriptions.

For a few years I enjoyed the momentum of getting back on track, then In April of 2005, a young male sped through an intersection to beat the red light, slamming into the back of my clubcab 4 wheel drive dodge truck while I was stopped, waiting for the car ahead of me to turn into a parking lot.  I could see him coming but I had no where to go and my only choice was to use all my strength to stand on my brakes to try to prevent my large truck form crushing the little car ahead of me. The impact was so forceful my truck was moved 11 feet, right into the back seat of that poor ladies little car! Within hours of the accident I started to get dizzy,and so began an agonizing 8 months of severe whiplash symptoms requiring frequent bed rest. I drove hours each week for treatments with the best chiropractor I could find, and faithfully applied my Young Living Essential Oils  to my neck and back. Slowly I started to re-coupe from the whiplash. Unfortunately though it did not take long to discover that the accident did more damage then expected. My left arm went numb for 4 yrs, with proven nerve damage, and not long after I was in emergency with kidney failure. So there I was again, applying Young livings oils that were tested for nerve damage, and all the combinations of oils and supplements that were to help the kidneys. Slowly and surely over time I regained my feelings in my left arm, and improved my kidneys enough to go from three dialysis sessions a week to two. And so my journey continued. 

From essential oils my research widened to include healing energy. I became a Reiki Master for the sole purpose of doing daily healing sessions on myself. My scope quickly became broader and broader. I have studied and practiced EFT (Emotion Freedom Technique), Reiki, Theta DNA, Quantum Touch, Pendulums, Body energies and Meridians with Donna Eden, Spring Forest Qigong, Angel card readings with the University of Angels Teach (certified), Darren Litton (certified) and Doreen Virtue, channeling, Theta Healing with Brent Philips, The Healing Codes with Dr. Alex Loyld, and The Emotion Code (certified). I am also embarking on my new journey of learning in the Akashic Records and the Body Code. I have researched countless supplements, herbs and for decades I have followed the work of many respected healers in the alternative health field such as David Wolfe, Donna Eden, Dr Mercola and others. But it was not until that I found The Emotion Code by Dr. Bradley Nelson that I felt the sense of peace you feel when you finally arrive home from a long journey. Arch Angel Michael was correct; I have finally arrived where I need to be. 

I am fortunate in many ways. I have been able to enjoy my family, walk my oldest daughter up the aisle, celebrate with my youngest as she graduated high school, and enjoy precious moments with my two awesome grandchildren and my lovely wife. Healing my body has given me extra time, allowed me to learn to appreciate life and awarded me with time to spend with those who mean the most to me. MY FAMILY. Now when I wake in the morning, and see that glimpse of light coming through the window, I say thank you God for another day, regardless of what that day may bring.

Please enjoy browsing my site, I have filled it with some information on all the modalities that I have trained in over the years, and these modalities are what I incorporate into sessions that I have with my clients.

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copywrite: Innerbalance and Harmony 2013
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