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Releasing Addictive Heart Energy


Much of our suffering is due to negative emotional energies that have become ‘trapped’ within us. The Emotion Code™ is a simple and powerful method of finding and releasing these trapped energies.

  After we remove the Heart-Wall, we check for Addictive Heart Energy, which is usually found in people who have a Heart-Wall. 93% of the population has a Heart-Wall! Addictive Heart Energy is a specific frequency of energy that the Heart creates due to the Heart needing to feel joy, love, and happiness – something that needs filling. The Heart-Wall shield the Heart from all feelings to some degree, which prevents us from feeling joy and other positive emotions. Therefore, the Heart finds something in the form of an addiction to fill this void – to fill the emptiness. Dr. Bradley Nelson relayed that this is the driving force causing addictive behaviors. He also relayed that addictions are equal to ‘emotional food’ that the body and Heart feels it needs to fill the void! It can be a vicious circle as you can see. Addictive Heart Energy can cause severe addictions and/or manifest in ways that are self-sabotaging in our life.

Do you ever feel trapped in a cycle of negative happenings?  Ever do you wonder why the same type of people or situations come in and out of your life?  Perhaps you have addictive heart energy with trapped emotions to those people or situations!  Whether this addiction is to situations (Drama) or things (Behavior) these can be cleared by releasing those trapped emotions that keep us in our drama cycles. 

This addictive heart energy can be the cause of the way people treat us, as people respond to us by what our expectations are.  If you perceive the world and people in a certain way and expect to be treated in a certain way, that energy must manifest and come to fruition. 

  Remove this addictive heart energy with the use of The Emotion Code/ The Body Code and watch your life change!



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