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I got into the angel readings, card readings somewhat unintentionally. I was searching, as I always am, for a alternative therapy that could possibly, first of all help me with my health and second of all, help others with theirs.

I am not exactly sure how I landed on the Angels Teach University site, but it was there, and once in front of me I couldn't stop exploring what it was all about, and what it might do for me and others. Low and behold, they had a training course starting soon and I decided to take the leap. I was a little comprehensive at first, but that was quickly replaced with enthusiasm as I connected. It did not take long for my channeling abilities to develop along side of practicing readings. .

From the training with Angels Teach University, and following Doreen Virtue and Darren Lipton, I have been amazed at the steady contact I now have with my guides and Masters, and at times during sessions, even my deceased loved ones. One time Arch Angel Michael stepped in and saved us from a certain fatality accident that I am sure would have taken my entire family. THANK YOU FOR THAT MICHAEL. I am so grateful that you and Arch Angel Gabriel are constantly by my side.

Each day I call upon my guides, the Arch Angels, and any of those that are of the light and love of God, to assist me in my life. I also call upon your guides, your angels, any of the Arch Angels, Mother Mary, Jesus, and God to assist with all of my healing sessions with clients. It is up to them to decide who will come to assist the flow of the session and bring the results that I am attempting to achieve in each session. The sessions are all non denominational, so whoever represents themselves in your personal beliefs is who will come through for you.

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Would you like to be able to do Angel Card Readings? They can be amazingly accurate and give us comforting guidance when we need it the most. We all have within us the capability to read the cards - all we have to do is believe in ourselves and our ability to communicate with our Angels. If you would like to tap into your own abilities and do Angel Card Readings yourself, simply follow the steps below.

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Types of Angel Card decks. There are numerous decks available by various Angel Card Authors, and they can be bought from bookshops, new age/spiritual shops - also by mail order on-line. Some decks have the full Angelic messages on the cards, others have a short message and a guide book which expands on the full meaning.


1. Choose a deck which you are naturally drawn to - which ones do your instincts tell you are right for you?
If buying from a local shop ask the owner if they have open decks that you can look at and get a feel for. If purchasing on line see if there are images of samples of some of the cards - also testimonials from those who have purchased the cards already. Any good on-line outlet will have a contact form in order that you can ask questions if you want to.

Do an Angel Card Reading Step 3.jpg

2. Getting to know and attuning to your Angel Cards.
Some Angel Card decks come with a guide book including instructions on how to approach this - such as Cards that come with an "Attuning to and working with your Angel Cards" document. The following wording is taken from there and can apply to any set of cards that you may have purchased, so please follow the steps below:

Do an Angel Card Reading Step 4.jpg

3. Take a quiet moment by yourself to open your cards. 

Do an Angel Card Reading Step 5.jpg

4. Hold the cards to your heart and ask your Angels to bless them and to help you to read the cards accurately. 
Do an Angel Card Reading Step 6.jpg

5. Now go through the cards, touching every one in turn to infuse them with your energy.

Do an Angel Card Reading Step 7.jpg

6. “Play” with the cards – read them, shuffle them, fan them out, spread them out on a table or on the floor – whatever you feel that you want to do. All of these actions energize the cards and tune them in to your own vibrations – familiarizing yourself in this way will enable you to connect to the cards with both your conscious and sub-conscious self.

Do an Angel Card Reading Step 8.jpg
7. Carrying out Readings:

  • Hold the cards to your heart and ask the Angels to communicate clearly through the cards. 
  • When doing a Reading for yourself, simply ask your Angels to either answer your given question or to tell you that which they want you to know by guiding you to choose the relevant cards. 
  • When doing a Reading for someone else, dedicate the cards to whomever you are doing the Reading for. You will most likely find your own words, but you could try something simple such as “I dedicate these cards to ******* (here you can also give their date of birth, location and any other details that you want to), please, Angels, help me to give them a true and accurate reading that will help and guide them in the best possible way that we can”. You can say this silently to yourself if you wish. 
  • Shuffle the Angel Cards until you feel guided to stop and then choose the first card that your instinct takes you to. You may like to choose just one card or continue to do a three card spread in the same way. Whatever feels right for you will be absolutely right with your Angels. 
  • Study the messages on each card. You may wish to absorb or pass on the exact wording that the creator of the cards has written for each card, or you may want to put your own interpretation into the meaning, depending on how confident you are. Please trust your intuition when reading your messages, your first instincts will invariably be the right ones. If the Reading is for someone else, ask them to do the same - trust their instincts when absorbing the messages you are passing to them.

This is the basic way to get started in card readings, The rest is practise, practise, practise, and trust what is coming through. You can do different layouts, 3 card spread resembling past, present and future. You can do layouts with the cards for the seasons, you can get really creative in your readings and your angels will bring to you what is important at that time. It will be up to you to break down what is coming through, so you do need to use your sight, hearing, feelings to be able to discern what is being delivered to you.

  Taking a course with someone who is trained to teach the different aspects of Angel card readings also helps you on your way tremendously.


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