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(Emotional Freedom Technique)

EFT - Emotional Freedom Technique.  Wow, this has been an experience for me. I started practicing EFT when the founder of EFT brought it to the world. Mr Gary Craig. At first i thought to myself how is this possible. How can you release emotions, beliefs, blockages using something so silly. Was i wrong. As i worked with EFT i started noticing changes in myself. I worked on myself in seclusion at first, as i did not want anyone to see me and think, well this guy has lost it. I didn't even want my family to see me working with it, as i was sure that they would not understand, and would also think that i have totally lost it. It was so new that not a lot of people were familiar with it. But the longer i worked with it, the more i noticed, the more it helped release some of my limiting beliefs. It didn't take long and others were using it, out in the public eye. New healers coming forward and having tremendous results with it.

EFT is a energy modality that you can use on yourself, on a family member or friend. It will, if the wording is correct release your stored emotions and blockages for you. It does take a bit of time to go threw the process but it is very effective as well.  I started to follow the fore front healers that were bringing this to the world, such as Carol  Look, Brad Yates, The Tapping Solution with Nick Ortner, and the list goes on. as these people where bring this to the forefront, they also offered training courses on EFT, in which i took part in many of them.  EFT is a wonderful tool to teach your children to do as well. It is a energy modality that will not scare them off, and it will be fun to do it with them. I have advanced to the Emotion Code, as i have found this to be, a faster, energy modality to be using as a practitioner. and the results are tremendous as well. 

There are many Youtube videos on the net to watch, to learn how to do EFT. 

I have followed Nick Ortner and his tapping solution for many yrs now. You can find lots of leads and instructions and many healers using tapping that he is associated with by searching his page and checking the information out.

There are many wonderful healers that use EFT very successfully that one can google on line such as Donna Eden, Carol look, even Dr Mercola uses tapping . If you want a energy healing modality that you can do yourself at home, this is it.  Enjoy.

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