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Using The Emotion Code to Clear Your Heart Wall


 93% of the population has a Heart-Wall!

Have you experienced any trauma in your life, a loss of a loved one, a broken relationship, an abused family, felt cheated, or left out. Then you may have a heart wall that is causing your body ill health. If this is the case it can be removed to give you the freedom to feel love, compassion and the joy that you should be able to enjoy in life.

The heart has its own unique intelligence. It can think, feel and remember.
Are the emotions from your past still with you?
Could they still be affecting you in unseen ways?

The Heart-Wall removal has changed the lives of those suffering from deep heartache, feeling helpless or hopeless, PTSD, severe depression, anxiety, feeling alone, confusion, feeling suicidal, fertility, and weight loss, just to name a few. The list could be endless.

If you are 
frustrated with your love life, your social life, your health issues or the level of financial abundance, releasing your Heart-Wall may get you back on track. 

The greatest discovery of Dr. Bradley Nelson’s is the Heart-Wall. This energetic wall is placed around our Hearts by our Subconscious to protect us from emotional pain, such as deep heartache/heartbreak, grief, hurt, etc. This energetic wall is made up of trapped emotions that prevent us from fully giving and receiving love, having clarity of our true purpose, and clarity of vision.

Trapped emotions have substance. They consist of energy, just like everything else. When trapped emotions are created, they must reside somewhere in your body, and sometimes they will lodge in and around your heart. Your subconscious mind – which knows no limitations – will sometimes use the energy of these trapped emotions to create a barrier or shield around your heart.

The Heart is at the core of our own being. It is known as the ‘Seat of the Soul’, the’ Seat of our Subconscious mind’ and the ‘Seat of our Creativity’. When our Hearts feel heartache or any deep emotional pain, our subconscious comes to our rescue by placing an energetic wall around our Hearts. It thinks it is protecting us, however, it actually is preventing us from fully receiving or giving love, achieving prosperity, abundance, and the freedom to be our true selves. When we are blocked due to our trapped emotions, we feel stuck, stagnant and hopeless, even helpless. We can also feel blocked creating financial, academic, athletic or relationship success.

Scientists have discovered that we use only 10% of our brain; the other 90% of our subconscious is what rules our lives as these trapped emotions precede our reality. By communicating with the
subconscious, we learn which trapped emotions are lodged in a person’s body. When we find them, we
release them!

Your heart is constantly sending out information to your body. Every beat carries critical messages that affect your emotional and physical health. When you feel love toward someone, you are actually sending out a powerful electromagnetic signal to them, using the heart brain. Medical experiments have repeatedly shown that there are measurable positive effects on the body when we feel love and appreciation toward someone else. The same beneficial affect occurs in your own body when you are on the receiving end – when love and appreciation are being broadcast toward you.
An Interesting Story...
Heart transplant patients have reported experiencing the trapped emotions of their donors from the beginning, but doctors have had no way to understand it, so they attributed it to the patients’ imaginations. Try telling that to the transplant patient who has never liked hot dogs or baseball, but who know can’t get enough of them since he received the heart of an avid White Sox fan. Or the woman who can’t keep from crying every time she hears a certain song, a song which meant nothing to her before her transplant.

Remove your Heart Wall and enjoy your life again.

Check out the testimonials from these happy clients:

The Emotion Code for Releasing Emotional Blocks and Heart Walls:

I had 4 sessions with Miles. He worked on my heart wall. I am a divorced women wanting to embark on the second half of my life......without "all that baggage" . I feel the sessions I had with Miles did a lot to free me from the old emotions and pain. I didn't even realize that this"stuff" was still effecting my decisions and actions until I was free of it. I feel I connect with other people with more freedom and sincerity now. I encourage you to give Emotion Code a try! Its a very effective healing tool. 
  Carol Taylor, Saskatchewan

"Thank you again Miles for breaking down and removing my heart wall. Did not realize that due to blocked emotions that had built such a thick heart wall. I had been experiencing what I thought was physical chest pain and after several appointments with my doctor and tons of tests and lab work, the doctors couldn't find anything physically wrong with my heart. I no longer have that chest pain in my heart since my last session with Miles. What an amazing miracle for me! Heart disease runs in the family and now I understand that it was really all those inherited emotional heart walls from generations of both my mother and fathers side. I find my heart is more open to both giving and receiving love and it feels AWESOME! Thank you Miles for being the vessel that allowed me to release my heart wall."
Nancy Sue Meyer"  Washington USA

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