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"In the same way that you cannot see the wind, yet you can feel it’s effects,
trapped emotions are invisible and they can exert powerful forces upon you.
Trapped emotions can affect you physically just as much as they can mentally and emotionally."

Dr. Bradley Nelson

Are the emotions from your past still with you?
Could they still be affecting you in unseen ways?

Where would you be without your emotions? If the sum total of all your experiences makes
 up the tapestry of your life, it is the emotions you have experienced that give that tapestry its colour.

Our emotions really do give colour to our lives. Try to imagine for a moment a world where no emotions could occur. No joy would be possible. No feelings of happiness, bliss, charity or kindness. No love would be felt, no positive emotions of any kind.

On this imaginary emotionless planet, there would be no negative emotions either. No sorrow, no anger, no feelings of depression, and no grief. To live on such a planet would be to merely exist. With no ability to feel emotions of any kind, life would be reduced to a grey, mechanical ritual from cradle to grave. Be grateful that you can feel emotions!

But are there emotions you have experienced that you would rather not have felt? If you are like most people, your life has had its ups and downs. You have probably experienced moments of joy, as well as other times of grief, anger, frustration, and fear. You may have experienced moments of happiness, as well as depression, low self-esteem, anxiety, or any of a wide variety of emotions, both positive and negative.

What you may not realize is that some of the negative emotions you’ve experienced, even though you may have felt them long ago, may still be creating problems for you in subtle, yet damaging ways. The Emotion Code is about finding those old emotions and releasing them forever. Contacting an inner balance and harmony the emotion code / body code practitioner can be your ticket to achieving freedom from the emotions causing stress or health problems in your life.

Many people have found that when they free themselves of their trapped emotions they are able to live healthier and happier lives. A single trapped emotion can create both physical and emotional problems. The Emotion Code™, the program which removes trapped emotions and heart-walls, healing both body and soul, was developed by Dr. Bradley Nelson creator of The Body Code.

In this system of natural healing the practitioner is in direct communication with the client’s subconscious by using pendulum or muscle testing, eliminating the need for the client to vocalize or relive past traumas. The trapped emotions are cleared, one at a time, using magnetic energy. With the help of a inner balance and harmony energy healer freeing yourself from damaging trapped emotions can be easily accomplished.

If your life is on a downward spiral, if you feel ill all the time, if you have unexplained pains and destructive patterns in your life, then it is time that you.

Energy healing is widely recognized as a valuable and effective complimen
to conventional medical care.

 "Everything in the universe is made of energy, whether that energy manifests in physical form or remains invisible....We can feel energy when it is in the form of emotions, and if negative emotional energies become trapped within us, they may adversely affect us. Trapped emotions are made of energy, just as energy makes up our bodies and everything else in the universe." 

 Dr. Brad :-)

What results can I expect?

Energy healing itself does not promise to cure, but it does give a helping hand to your body so it can achieve it's own maximum healing power. 

Everybody is individual but healing is most often experienced as restful and comforting. Clients commonly reporting feeling calmer or/and more energized afterwards. While receiving healing they may feel a change of temperature, a tingling sensation, see colours or have an emotional release. Alternatively they may feel nothing in particular during the treatment but notice later that they feel better in some way, either physically or emotionally. You are welcome to read
testimonials of my previous clients. While energy healing does not promise to "cure" often after one or more sessions my clients have experienced a dramatic relief of their pressing concerns. Energy healing releases the negative energy that is stored in the body, thereby allowing energy to flow as it is meant to flow, enabling the body to heal itself. Sessions are non-invasive and can even be done via Skype or over the telephone. You will never be required to discuss or share details of events that you prefer to keep private.

Who can benefit from Healing?

Everybody! Healing is completely safe and can be given to people of all ages, races, faiths and walks of life and in all health conditions. Animals also reap the health benefits of energy healing sessions. On my testimonial page you can read summaries of my work with children, animals and adults. All of whom have benefited from a healing session of either The Emotion CodeThe Body Code, Reiki, a Raindrop Therapy session, or a combination of treatment types.

Healing treats the whole person, not just the symptoms, and may be profoundly felt on many levels. By energizing the body, mind and spirit, re-balancing the natural flow of energy within the body allows the body a chance to heal itself. In addition to facilitating healing for physical issues, it aids recovery from illness, can restore a zest for life, enhance your quality of life, improve your general happiness, and can positively impact work, relationships or athletic goals. The benefits of healing usually take place gradually, over several sessions. Because it is a therapy that is not results-focused, it may relieve other symptoms than those for which the healing was originally sought.

"Energy is the living, vibrating ground of your being,
and it is your body's natural self-healing elixir, its natural medicine.
This medicine, this
feeds body and soul, and attending to it restores your natural vitality.
Energy medicine is the science and the art of optimizing your energies to help your body and mind function at its best."

Donna Eden with David Feinstein in Energy Medicine for Women

Check out the testimonials of these happy clients:

"I have experienced other forms of energy work prior to the Emotion Code. I wasn't sure exactly what to expect or what I would feel. In one word.... Incredible! What would take days, months or years to accomplish in other forms of therapy, we accomplished in an hour. It was amazing to hear what emotions were stored, and even more amazing, the reason behind why they were stored. I found it to be some pretty intense sessions, but I feel incredibly lighter and more balanced after processing. I would highly recommend Miles to anyone struggling to let go of stored emotions, or anyone feeling stuck or lost. Our body is capable of wonderful ways to heal. The Emotion Code really worked for my emotional healing. Thank you Miles!"

Amber, Medicine Hat

For almost 10 years I have been struggling with plantar fasciitis. I have tried specialized massage, chiropractic, stretches, shoe orthopedics -but nothing had any lasting results....until I found Miles Albrecht. In one hour he was able to release stored emotional blocks that went back generation after generation, and most importantly took away my pain. The night I had the session my feet hurt so bad I could barely stand, but the next day the pain was much less and by day two the pain was gone! That was over four months ago and the pain has not returned! Since then I have also booked Innerbalance to do sessions for my 3 year old son to help with his aggression and wanting to bite everything. The Emotion Code works for him too. I would recommend it to anyone.
Melissa Brooks. Calgary

I was fortunate to have had the opportunity to have a session with Miles. For over a year I had experienced left sided chest pain, which the Doctors were unable to discover the cause. After the first session with Miles I noticed a huge improvement, after the second session the pain was gone. With the approval of my doctor I was able to discontinue my medication. I feel very thankful to have met Miles, he is very professional in this line of work.
 Name with held upon request .  Medicine Hat

Dr. Oz on energy medicine on CNN//

What Healing isn't ..

Healing isn't a magic cure all and it is usually not a ‘quick fix’ therapy either, even though its effects are often instantly felt. More profound effects usually take place gradually, over several sessions. 

Please enjoy browsing my site, you will find information throughout this site on all of the different modalities that I have used and been trained in over the years of my searching. I also incorporate all of the modalities into my sessions if I need to with my clients. If you wish to sign the Guest Book and leave a comment, Please do so. If you are a current client and wish to leave a testimonial please link to that page and upload securely with the form provided. There will be new information posted now and then, so be sure to come back to see what is new.


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