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House Clearing


When people think of house clearing they think of the ghost reality TV shows. It sounds scary, and sometimes it can be. But it can also be done in a safe and gentle manner, without hidden cameras and summoning spooky visions. Clearing a house can help surround your family members with loving, protective energies and clear the house of negative energies. 

I got into performing clearings as a addition to my energy work as there are times that energies will come into a session and decide to stay. Years ago when I achieved Reiki Mastery, I discovered I had the ability to feel energies, in a room; and the ability to feel if they were sad, happy, mean and or otherwise. This was confirmed many years ago when I could feel strong energies as we ventured into some buildings on a ghost walk tour, on the west coast during a family vacation. I could feel that pain that was there, I could feel the agony that was there. and decided at that time that I would not have this happen in my own home. So I learned how to properly and safely cleanse a building and ensure it is left fully protected. A cleansed home has a noticeable lighter energy.

Spirits and various entities can be lurking everywhere and anywhere. The vast majority do not have enough power to harm human beings, and many don’t even want to harm you— more often, they’re just attached to a location or object, or they’re wandering because they’re unable or unwilling to move on. They can be unpleasant, annoying or their presence may simply frighten you. Others are more malevolent, filled with anger or fear, or may have a wicked disposition. They might try to intentionally scare you and the people in your house, or even want to hurt you, others are maybe children who are lost and need help crossing over.  

Spirits can come into your life in many ways. Perhaps they've always been in your home, but you have never noticed. Perhaps you disturbed them by touching something they used to own or renovating a room. A visitor or new purchase can catch their attention. Perhaps they came in with an object you bought at an antique store, or they were just wandering by and took interest in you.

What Can You Do If You Feel You Have Uninvited Guests?

When you suspect unwanted visitors are acting up in your home, take charge to try and get rid of them before things get out of hand. 

Spiritual Cleansing

This process is called Smudging. In Smudging we use the White Sage (Salvia Apiana) used for Smudge Sticks. Sage is a wonderful herb that is not only good for cooking and Alternative Medicines but has great Spiritual benefits.

Smudge Sticks are dried bundles of White Sage wrapped with string. This is a ritual that you can do for many things. If you’re feeling low on energy and need balance this is perfect for you or if you need to cleanse and purify yourself of unwanted Spirits or bad and negative energy. To "Smudge" your home it is best to have an experienced guide assist and guide you.


You can do this yourself or have someone help you. It is best to have someone experienced come and assist or guide you the first time you attempt to "Smudge" or clear your home. 
  • Light the Smudge Stick and get it burning good. You don’t want it to have continuous fire. You want it to burn slowly like charcoals on the grill. Then it will make quite a bit of smoke, which is what you want. 
  • Stand up straight with your arms straight out like a crucifix. Have your friend or partner hold the Smudge Stick and they should then simply make circles around you with the smoke…. circling around your head around your arms your legs… your whole body…. even the palms of your hands and the bottom of your feet. Pretend like you are washing your hands in the smoke…. Pretend like you are washing your whole body with the smoke! Some people like to have a large and wide feather and fan the smoke around the person being cleansed. You can also take several feathers and group them together to make a fan of sort. The choice is yours. While this is being done to you… try to relax as you would when meditating, controlling your breathing and visualizing yourself being filled with pure white light. 
  • When you are done… place the Smudge Stick in something that will not catch fire. I use a miniature Black Cauldron. I also place it with the burning end down so that it continues to burn effectively. Believe it or not as I am writing this I have a Smudge Stick burning right next to me to clear my space of unwanted entities. Just remember that where there’s smoke… there’s fire. So do not leave it unattended! 
  • It is important to mention that burning White Sage smells similar to the smell of burning sweet Marijuana. Why am I telling you this? If you are concerned about others noticing this smell please choose an appropriate time to do your clearing. 

Cleansing and Purifying your House

Smudging with White Sage is perfect for getting rid off foul spirits or negative energy in your house. Perhaps someone such as a neighbor or enemy whose energy you do not like has come into your house. Use this method to get rid of that energy! our perhaps you are in a profession were you are in contact with many negative people in your office or personal space. Smudging will help to clear any lingering negative energy out of your space. 

To cleanse and purify your house or work space you will definitely use the entire Smudge Stick. The first time you Smudge, it is best to have someone with experience guide and assist you so that you can ensure you are adequately protecting yourself from the negative energies. You will be doing this on the inside of your house. 

Cleansing and Purifying your Healing Tools

Yes you should always cleanse and purify the crystals or other tools you use as healing aids, especially if you are a healer using them for clients, or if you have them on display so that curious friends and house guests can handle them. This will get rid of their energy that they may have put forth on them. You only want to have your energy into your healing aids. Simply light the Smudge Stick and hold it in one hand and take the item you wish to cleanse in the other hand. Wave the Smudge Stick around the item cleansing and purifying it…. imagining all the unwanted energy leaving it and pure white light entering it.  Now you can feel assured your healing aids are not contributing unwanted negative energy to your life.


Fuming is a process of burning dried herbs to banish unwanted entities. Clouds of fragrant smoke ward them off, the same way bug repellent can ward mosquitoes.

To fume, place a heat-proof pot on a heat-proof surface. Light an incense charcoal briquette (never use barbecue charcoal, which is toxic when burned indoors) and put it in the pot. Then open all the windows and sprinkle a spoonful of herbs on it every few minutes to build up billows of smoke.

Certain herbs repel entities. Use sage or thyme if it’s a minor problem. If you feel the entity is mischievous or maligning and might not want to leave, use something stronger such as garlic powder, juniper berries, cinnamon or cloves. Leave the room if using these stronger herbs and come back when the smoke clears.

As you begin sprinkling the herbs on the hot coal, tell the entities very clearly that you want them to leave.

Water or Oil

Blessed water or oils banish entities, particularly those with more evil intent. Many churches sell holy water, but you can have your clergy bless it or bless it yourself with a prayer. You can also say prayers to bless a vial of olive oil, clove oil or cooking oil mixed with chopped, raw garlic.

Sprinkle holy water, or dip your finger in oil to draw a religious symbol (such as the cross) or a protective symbol (such as the 5-pointed star) on every door, wall and window in the house.
As you go from room to room, utter blessings and prayers from your Higher Power to assist you, and firmly tell the entities they’re not wanted and must leave.


Salt has long been used as a protection from unwanted spirits and entities. Bless a bowl of salt and throw handfuls around the room, charging the entities to be gone. Protect your home further, place a line of salt across every door that leads into your house and across every windowsill to create a barrier that will repel spirits.

Get Help

Some spirits and entities are stronger than others, or their intentions are so evil that they are not easily deterred. If you have a very nasty intruder, things may not improve—or may get even worse! While these cases are rare, it is the time to call in a professional medium, spiritualist or clergy person to help you.


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