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How Does It Work?

The Emotion Code is a powerful and simple way to rid your self of your unseen baggage, and emotions. A lot of our suffering is due to the negative emotional energies that have become “trapped” within us. The Emotion Code is a simple and powerful method of finding and releasing these trapped energies. Trapped emotions have been found to be a  invisible cause of much of our suffering and illness, both physically and mentally. Every trapped emotion has it own particular rate of vibration, its own frequency. Releasing trapped emotions often results in the sudden disappearance of physical problems, self-sabotage and recurring relationship difficulties. Getting rid of your trapped emotions can help you to overcome the obstacles of your past, present, and future, and can bring new life to your marriage, family, personal relationships, and could easily make a difference in moving forward in all your endeavors. The results of releasing these trapped emotions can bring balance, a new inner calm and a hugely profound healing.


 The Effects of Trapped Emotions

Trapped emotions are said to exist in most people, leading to two main effects, one of them mental, one of them physical. The mental effect will be expressed in an exaggerated/unhealthy emotional response, even to relatively innocuous stimuli, throwing the person off-balance and making them unable to deal with emotional challenges in a healthier way, leading to self-sabotage etc.

Sometimes the often more serious in consequence can be the physical effects of trapped emotions.

Everything including our body is energy, and so are trapped emotions; however, trapped emotions are a negative energy. According to Dr. Nelson's insights, these unseen trapped emotional energies "distort" the body’s tissues, just as a magnet will distort the picture of the TV screen. Tissues continually being distorted  in this fashion will eventually suffer the effects, with pain and subtle malfunction frequently being the first result (which can be difficult to detect). The release of a trapped emotion will often cause immediate relief of discomfort and other symptoms.

 "If tissues are subjected to negative energy over the long-term, "the tissue may eventually enter into a state of metaplasia, or change. In other words, the specific type of cell begins to revert back to a more primitive cell. The next step is malignancy, or cancer."

Trapped emotions do dramatically affect the way we see things in the world, the ways in which we react to others and in the choices we make.

What are trapped emotions?

  • Distortions of energy 
  • Derived from physical and/or emotional trauma
  • Brought on by emotionally charged events
  • Can be inherited from our parents and ancestors
  • Lodge in our energy body resulting in self-sabotage, psychological distress, physical illness, for which there may be no medical explanation
  • Block our physical, emotional and mental health
What to Expect In A Session:
Sessions can either be done in person, or via distance connection. Energy is special in that is transcends all that we are. By allowing me to connect with you on an energetic level, I can facilitate healing anywhere in the world. Telephone and Skype sessions are particularly useful when clients are young children or animals.

In person healing sessions take place with the client either seated comfortably in a chair or lying down, fully clothed. As I work I talk so that you are able to follow along. At times, with your consent, I will need to gently touch your shoulder or head. While releasing emotions it is necessary to gently roll a massaging magnet down your governing meridian (from the top of your head, down along your spine, ending at your low back). Many clients, including children, find the feel of this roller relaxing. The atmosphere is one of professionalism-respect, kindness and confidentiality. After the session you will be emailed a written session summary for your reference.

The beauty of Energy Therapy is that it transcends time and distance. 
When connecting by “proxy” using a surrogate to stand in for the client, 
distant healing treatments are equally as effective as in-person sessions.


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