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Releasing Inherited Emotions


Inherited trapped emotions are those emotions we receive upon conception from our biological parents, as our parents received these inherited trapped emotions from their parents and the ancestry goes on and on and on! A lot of us have carried our ancestor’s inherited trapped emotions for 50 – 80 years or more. As I clear inherited trapped emotions on my client, often we find that those same emotions have been passed down to their children. If that is the case, the children are also freed of those inherited emotions and the chain of negative energy is forever broken. Inherited trapped emotions can also be in our Heart-Wall!

Check out the testimonials from these happy clients:

The Emotion Code Releases Generations of Trapped Emotions In One Session:

My emotion code experience was powerful!  I felt an intense pulling at the start of the treatment.  It is a very quick technique, unintrusive, and the energy I felt around me was immense.  I felt lighter and more energetic.  It was very cool to see my story unfold into generations back! 

Bonnie Gjertsen.  Medicine Hat

For almost 10 years I have been struggling with plantar fasciitis. I have tried specialized massage, chiropractic, stretches, shoe orthopedics -but nothing had any lasting results....until I found Miles Albrecht. In one hour he was able to release stored emotional blocks that went back generation after generation, and most importantly took away my pain. The night I had the session my feet hurt so bad I could barely stand, but the next day the pain was much less and by day two the pain was gone! That was over four months ago and the pain has not returned! Since then I have also booked Innerbalance to do sessions for my 3 year old son to help with his aggression and wanting to bite everything. The Emotion Code works for him too. I would recommend it to anyone.
Melissa Brooks. Calgary


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