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Inversion Table

Inversion Tables. 

The table shown above is my table of choice. I got into inversion tables when i was having a lot of trouble keeping my back and neck aligned after i was rear ended in April of 2005. I was seeing my chiropractor 3 days a week as my back would not hold an adjustment. As i had to travel a 3 hour trip to see this chiropractor, 3 days a week, i began to think that this might help in cutting down my travel time, and do a world of good for my spine and neck. 

I researched lots of makes. The information was overwhelming at first as i wanted to get the perfect one. With all the research that the Teeter inversion table had on their site i made an informed decision and when with their make. They also had many different styles to choose from, and i wanted one that would support me, and anyone else who wanted to use it in my family, so my choice was one of the heavier models that they build. After the first week of using it, i started noticing a different in how my back was feeling. It helped to maintain my adjustments longer, released the muscle knots in my back, and improved the time between sessions that was required for me to come back to balance and recover from the whiplash accident.

I still have this inversion table today, and make use of it as required. And the other thing i liked about Teeter, they stand behind their product. If you have any issues with it, they have been more then happy to assist in getting it cleared up and you satisfied.

I love my inversion table and can't picture myself without it. 

An explanation of how to use an inversion table is below, taken from the Teeter website. 



I do offer the use of this table to my clients, following a discovery consultation with them. I also am very careful to ensure that the client that is going to make use of the inversion table, is medically stable to being hanging upside down for any length of time.

 If you are interested in booking time on the inversion table please contact me for availability. Click here for rate information. 


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