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Seichim Reiki 


How Can Seichem Reiki Help You?

Seichem energy helps to release suppress emotional trauma from karmic memories. 

Seichem or Seichim is a healing energy that is very similar to traditional Reiki. Seichem originates from the same source of Universal energy as Reiki but is of a different vibration. Seichem energy is usually felt as gentle heat, working mainly on the emotional body, so because of this, clients invariably feel warmth around heart chakra and solar plexus. 

Seichem practitioners who also work with traditional Reiki sometimes comment on that the Seichem energy feels more female and intuitive, whereas traditional Reiki feels more masculine and logical. With me, Seichem feels more like my true self, but in a strong way. It’s like my soul has woken up from a deep sleep and now my soul has independent strong intense healing. Every client will have their own unique experience with the healing powers of Reiki.

What is Seichim or Seichem or Sekhem Reiki?
Origins: Patrick Ziegler M. Arch, C.M.T. M.H. RM

Seichim/Sekhem is a form of Universal energy that was originally used for healing purposes in Ancient Egypt. This energy heals on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels, with a focus on the heart centre. It is similar to Reiki but operates on a higher vibration and heals on a deeper level. Today, Seichim/Sekhem is most commonly channeled through the hands to give hands-on healing treatments. It can also be accessed and worked with in other ways.

Sekhem is the ancient Egyptian word for Universal Energy and Power. It is translated as "Power of Powers". The symbol for Sekhem in ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics is a sceptre. The sceptre was held by many deities of ancient Egypt and represents the connection of Heaven and Earth.

Sekhem Sceptre
The Sekhem Sceptre

Generally speaking, Seichim and Sekhem are two different spellings of the same word. They refer to the same energy and they have been used interchangeably, however in some contexts there can be a subtle distinction between the two. Sekhem is the spelling that is used in literature related to ancient Egypt and could therefore be considered to be the common or more original spelling of the word. People usually just use one word or the other.

The words Sekhem and Seichim were originally pronounced the same. The "kh" in Sekhem and the "ch" in Seichim represent a very hard guttural sound from the ancient Egyptian language. This sound is also found in current Hebrew and Arabic but it is not part of the English language. Over time, different pronunciations of the two words came into use because people interpreted the spellings in different ways. Today, Seichim is often pronounced "Say-keem" or "Say-sheem" and Sekhem is often pronounced "Sayk-hem" or "Sek-hem".

The Seichim/Sekhem systems that have been developed based on the Usui Reiki model use symbols and attunements in a similar way to Usui Reiki. Treatments are also given in a similar way, including distance healing treatments.

The Evolution of Seichem Reiki

Patrick rediscovered Seichim and at later date learnt Reiki. He taught this new system to T’om Seaman, and Seaman came up with a number of symbols, many of which Patrick rejected. Later, T'om Seaman attuned Phoenix Summerfield (also known as Kathleen McMaster). Patrick Zeigler, Tom Seaman, and Phoenix Summerfield were friends, and worked together for short periods of time. Phoenix taught Marsha Burack, who taught Gary Jirauch, and she also taught Helen Belot, of Australia, who developed her own school of Sekhem with a focus on Sekhmet. Patrick Zeigler, himself, has never condemned the changes, or additions, to Seichim. The Seven Facets were developed by Phoenix Summerfield over a period of several years. T-Om Seaman also developed a multilevel system that was separate from Phoenix which he also called Renegade Reiki.

Patrick Zeigler
Patrick Zeigler

While others used and developed the Seichim/Sekhem energy based on the Usui Reiki model, Patrick took a different approach and developed alternative ways of working with the energy. His system includes multiple levels and symbols, and personal growth work. The system tends to produce offshoots of itself, and newer channeled symbols as each participant discovers the energy working internally. Patrick's approach has evolved into a very advanced and powerful form of Sekhem which he calls SKHM ALL LOVE. Patrick now passes the energy on to others in his SKHM ALL LOVE workshops which involve the participants connecting with the energy via active meditations and "spontaneous initiations".

From the early history of Seichim, those involved have elaborated on the basic theme, each in her or his own individual way, creating the various "schools" of  Seichim/Seichem/Sekhem/SKHM. There are a few definitions of the word Seichim, but it always means Power in a spiritual manner, Might, The Natural Force, Vital Force, Vital Force Of Men, or any Spiritual Power or Psychic Force, Place of the Gods, God of the Altar or Habitat of the Gods, Place of Power.

The recent history of Reiki-Seichem shows that both Tera Mai and Karuna forms of Reiki flowed from this system.

How it is Different Than Other Forms of Reiki?

It is commonly said that Seichim is of a different vibrational frequency than Reiki. The first three of the seven facets of Seichim are equivalent to the levels of Reiki and use the same symbols. Thus, Facets Four through Seven might be said to be of a higher vibration. Even in Reiki it is said that, with each successive attunement, the ability to channel more, or higher vibrational, energy increases. As Seichim is the first or second series of attunements which many people receive, this fact might easily be missed or overlooked. Seichem Reiki is similar to traditional Dr Usui Reiki, though many believe Seichem originated in Egypt with Seichem Reiki vibration being older than the traditional Dr Usui.

The following covers three distinct versions of Seichim Reiki.  Most of these systems teach and attune into all the Usui traditional Reiki symbols as well as additional symbols.

Style 1:

The first style of Seichim is very close to the Traditional Usui Reiki. (Lineage Patrick Zeigler) 
  • First Facet is taught like traditional Usui Reiki: 4 attunements. 
  • Second Facet has 2 attunements; teaches 3 traditional symbols and several variations on the power symbol, distance healing and mental/emotional balancing. 
  • Master Facet 1 attunement; 1 symbol, teaches how to attune to 3 levels. 
  • Fourth Facet 1 attunement; additional symbols, attunements for animals and inanimate objects. 
  • Fifth Facet 1 attunement; additional symbols, personal empowerment attunement.
Style 2:

The second style of Seichim has a strong Egyptian feel (Lineage Patrick Zeigler - Phoenix Summerfield - Marsha Burack...). It has two facets with 11 steps to each facet, and four levels. Each facet has initiations and contains references to Sekhmet. Pre-requisite: Reiki II
  • First Level is called Seichem Adept; 2 initiations
  • Second Level is called Seichem Master/Teacher; 1 initiation, teaches 9 symbols, how to do the initiations and other information.
Style 3:

The third style of Seichim is Tibetan in feel (Lineage Curtis Hakeem) with new symbols and understandings at each level.
  • The first level, 1 initiation, hand positions. 
  • Second Level, 1 initiation, 3 symbols (names, meanings and use) and a distance or absentee healing technique 
  • Third Level, 1 initiation, 13 symbols 7 hot, and 6 cold. The symbols are letters and names of the Tibetan alphabet. A treatment is also taught utilizing all 13 symbols it is not hands-on, rather for about 45 minutes the person stands while the Seichim Practitioner dances the symbols into the aura. During the process one feels very much like they are merging with the earth.


 How Did Patrick Discover Seichim/Sekhem Reiki?

Patrick Zeigler is the founder of Seichim/Sekhem, as used in present times, and he is the one who "re-discovered" this energy. Patrick had a long-standing dream to spend the night in the Great Pyramid of Giza, in Egypt. He accomplished this in 1980 and during that night in the pyramid, the Seichim/Sekhem energy presented itself to Patrick, in the form of a swirling electric-blue light moving in an infinity pattern. This light entered Patrick's heart, resulting in a form of initiation that left him permanently connected with an infinite source of the Seichim/Sekhem energy. Patrick found that this energy could be applied for healing purposes.


Pyramid of Giza

The Great Pyramid of Giza in Egypt


A friend of Patrick's channeled some information for him about the energy he had been given. She received a name for the energy and spelt it out as "S-e-t-i-m". This name did not seem quite right to Patrick so he meditated and a voice came to him with the pronunciation of Sei-Ch-im. He then began to call the energy Seichim.

Some time later, Patrick discovered the word Sekhem in a book about the ancient Egyptian goddess Sekhmet. He realised this was the ancient Egyptian word for Universal Energy and Power, and that it was the same word he had been given in meditation. Patrick then began using both spellings of the word interchangeably.

To read the story of Patrick's pyramid experience and the beginnings of Seichim/Sekhem, as told by Patrick himself, click here.



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