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Types of Sessions Available


The sessions discussed on this page cover mostly The Emotion Code and The Body Code

What happens during a healing session? .

"When Your Energy vibrates at a frequency that is in direct alignment with what the universe has been attempting to deliver your entire life, you begin to live in the flow and true miracles start to happen."
Panache Desai
In Person Sessions:

Healing sessions take place with the client either seated comfortably in a chair or lying down, fully clothed. As I work I talk so that you are able to follow along. At times, with your consent, I will need to gently touch your shoulder or head. While releasing emotions it is necessary to gently roll a massaging magnet down your governing meridian (from the top of your head, down along your spine, ending at your low back). Many clients, including children, find the feel of this roller relaxing. The atmosphere is one of professionalism-respect, kindness and confidentialit
y. After the session you will be emailed a written session summary for your reference.
Long Distance Sessions: (Over the phone or through Skype)

Energy is special in that is
transcends all that we are. By allowing me to connect with you on an energetic level, I can facilitate healing anywhere in the world. Telephone and Skype sessions are particularly useful when clients are young children or animals. By acting as a proxy, I can contact with the client and I can commence the session through energetic connections. Often for children, sessions are most successful while they are asleep. The caregiver can sit or lay next to the child, gently touching them, thereby becoming a surrogate for them as I act as the proxy for the adult that is in direct connection with them. Animals typically also respond best to healing during distance sessions as well. After the session you will be emailed a written session summary for your reference.

The beauty of Energy Therapy is that it transcends time and distance. 
When connecting by “proxy” using a surrogate to stand in for the client, 
distant healing treatments are equally as effective as in-person sessions.

Proxy Sessions:

A proxy is a substitute, someone who acts on behalf of another, and during a distance session (by phone, Skype or email), I make connection with you energetically in order to do the healing. Then knowing what needs to be released, I release it on myself – as the proxy – and it corrects the problem for you, no matter how far away you are. Distance is no barrier to energy. After the session you will be emailed a written session summary for your reference.

Surrogate Sessions:

Muscle testing for animals, small children and others who cannot be tested is done either through a surrogate or by proxy. Telephone and Skype sessions are particularly useful when clients are young children or animals. By acting as a proxy, I can contact with the client and I can commence the session through energetic connections. Often for children, sessions are most successful while they are asleep. The caregiver can sit or lay next to the child, gently touching them, thereby becoming a surrogate for them as I act as the proxy for the adult that is in direct connection with them. Animals typically also respond best to healing when their caregiver acts as a surrogate. After the session you be emailed a written session summary for your reference. 

Reiki Sessions:

A typical Reiki session will start off with a brief conversation. This conversation is very important and allows a few different things to happen. The first one is that it lets the client tell the practitioner their concerns, and what he or she is hoping to get out of the session(s). The secondly, during the conversation it gives the practitioner a chance to get a feel for the client's energies prior to starting the session and allows for even more insight into the client's current situation. The third and most importantly, is that it gives the practitioner and client a chance to build a rapport. This allows the client to be more open to the energies during the session. Most people these days have a lot of issues with trust, and unless the practitioner is able to bring down some of those walls prior to the session, the client will unknowingly block most, if not all, of the energies the practitioner is attempting to channel into the client, thereby defeating the entire purpose of the session. The more the client is able let go, the more benefit they will receive from the session(s). The next step is to have the client (fully clothed) lay down on his or her back on the massage table. The practitioner then generally starts at the head and works down toward the feet, stopping at the knees or possibly the ankles. There are general hand positions that the majority of practitioners follow, at least to some degree. These hand positions attempt to cover all the seven main chakras and all the major organs. Each hand position is held for anywhere from 2 - 5 minutes or longer. During this time the practitioner simply allows the energy to channel out his or her hands and into the client. There is no physical manipulation whatsoever during a traditional Reiki session. Everything is done on a purely energetic level. After the practitioner has finished with the front of the client, they generally will have the client turn over, and will continue with similar hand positions for the back, once again starting at the head and working down toward the feet. After all the positions on the back are completed, it is now time for the practitioner to "ground" the client back down to the planet. This is done by moving to the feet and channeling the energy into the soles of the feet. This works to open the chakras on the bottoms of the feet which connect us to the planet.


"The whole universe appears as a dynamic web of inseparable energy

 patterns… Thus we are not separated parts of a whole.

We are a Whole."
Barbara Ann Brennan in Hands of Light
When Do Sessions End?

When your body stops allowing us locate and release emotions, that is an indication that your body can’t process any more releases at that time. When that happens, the session has ended. A follow up session might be able to occur within a few days, or your body may need longer to process the releases. We must respect the natural capabilities of your body. Each person is unique.

How Many Sessions Will I Need?

Because each body is different, and each set of experiences unique, it is impossible to predict how many sessions you may need to achieve your objective. Minor pain issues may be relieved after only one session, but that is not to say that there are not additional trapped emotions causing disruptions in other areas of your body. Some issues may take a few sessions, some a few weeks, some a few months, depending on the severity of the situation. I like to use the metaphor of an onion; layer by layer we peel away the emotions that are blocking your energy flow. If you wanted to remove your heart wall, it generally takes 5-7 sessions.
How Do You Accept Payment?

You are welcome to pay for your sessions by cash, cheque, email transfer or by PayPal request.


I do not diagnose, prescribe, treat, cure, or heal any physical, mental, or emotional illness(es). I am NOT a licensed Psychologist, Psychotherapist, Psychiatrist, Mental Health Counselor or Medical Doctor and ALWAYS recommend that clients seek appropriate medical and/or professional help at all times. Any energy healing sessions are an aid to general wellness and are not a substitute for medical treatments or medications.

In purchasing any service listed on this web site, purchaser (client) agrees that the service, whether purchased for self or received as a gift, is subject to client’s own interpretation.

All information obtained through any service offered on this web site is not intended to constitute professional legal, medical, or financial advice. Actions taken by any client based on any part of the service(s) received are the full and complete responsibility of aforementioned client. Any information provided during these services or any other statements made during same shall be considered confidential and shall not be disclosed except as required by law.

No service offered through this web site shall be constituted as “Fortune Telling” and each client retains the spiritual freedom of choice by their freedom of will to choose their actions accordingly. Each and every client who engages the services offered through this web site has at all times the freedom to design their own lives, and to change those lives by their free will at any moment in time. 

All services are offered only to those persons who are of legal age at the time of the booking of the session. Legal age determined to be 18 years of age. Anyone wishing a session, who is not of legal age must provide written consent from a parent or legal guardian in order for the session to be scheduled. There shall be no exceptions.

I make no guarantees, expressed or implied, with respect to accuracy, relevancy, or quality of information or services offered through this web site. I hereby disclaim any liability to any person or entity for any loss or damages (including, without limitation: physical, mental, special, indirect, incidental or consequential) caused in regard to any information and/or any suggestion(s) or advice provided to clients during any service offered through this web site, regardless of whether resulting from any other cause whatsoever. Myself, Miles Albrecht, my Family, my Heirs, and or Innerbalance and Harmony will not be held liable in any way what so ever, by the result of anyone, ie client, using any of the services, and or products listed and mentioned on this website for any reason. Services and sessions that are used are at the sole discretion of the person using them, ie. clients. 

Any and all typographic errors and omissions are regrettable but do not in any way alter the substantive content of this web site.

Rates subject to change without notice.

All services are offered solely upon my discretion and I maintain the right to refuse services. All services conducted under false pretense will be deemed null and void.


Miles Albrecht

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