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Please enjoy reading through the testimonies that been forwarded to me from clients that have experienced very impressive results with the Emotion Code sessions.

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Client Testimonials

The Emotion Code for Other Energy Healers and Care-Givers:

Thanks, Miles!

As promised, here's a testimonial for you to use:

As an energy healer myself, I recognize the importance of clearing blocks in my life so that I am more available to help my own clients. I had previously heard of Emotion Code therapy and was delighted to come across Miles!
I was completely astonished to realize that some of the major events I had experienced in my life were STILL affecting my body and my energy. These were things that I thought I had left behind.  The most amazing moment was when we had realized that one particular emotion had been carried from 17 generations of mothers in my family...and I had actually passed it on to my children! I believe it was then that I realized just how important this kind of work was for the changes this world is going through. This method of clearing is fast and very effective...and essential for breaking cycles that we don't even know we carry with us!
I am so very grateful to have met Miles and had the chance to work with him. His intuitive skills, combined with his practice, make him a very vital tool for our balance and well-being on all levels...Thank You, Miles!

Mandy Metz, Medicine Hat, Alberta

I have benefited on a personal level from heart wall treatments. As a care giving professional there is a risk of compassion fatigue building up over time and draining one's emotional and physical energy. I was curious to experience whether the emotion code could assist with this issue. After several treatments with Miles I feel lighter and more peaceful, I have deeper emotional presence in sessions with my clients,  and have more of me left over after work for my family and friends. Thank-you! 

Joanna Card - Psychologist, Calgary, AB

The Emotion Code Works Fast!:

"I have experienced other forms of energy work prior to the Emotion Code. I wasn't sure exactly what to expect or what I would feel. In one word.... Incredible! What would take days, months or years to accomplish in other forms of therapy, we accomplished in an hour. It was amazing to hear what emotions were stored, and even more amazing, the reason behind why they were stored. I found it to be some pretty intense sessions, but I feel incredibly lighter and more balanced after processing. I would highly recommend Miles to anyone struggling to let go of stored emotions, or anyone feeling stuck or lost. Our body is capable of wonderful ways to heal. The Emotion Code really worked for my emotional healing. Thank you Miles!"

Amber, Medicine Hat

The Emotion Code for Releasing Emotional Blocks and Heart Walls:

I had 4 sessions with Miles. He worked on my heart wall. I am a divorced women wanting to embark on the second half of my life......without "all that baggage" . I feel the sessions I had with Miles did a lot to free me from the old emotions and pain. I didn't even realize that this"stuff" was still effecting my decisions and actions until I was free of it. I feel I connect with other people with more freedom and sincerity now. I encourage you to give Emotion Code a try! Its a very effective healing tool. 
  Carol Taylor, Saskatchewan

"Thank you again Miles for breaking down and removing my heart wall. Did not realize that due to blocked emotions that had built such a thick heart wall. I had been experiencing what I thought was physical chest pain and after several appointments with my doctor and tons of tests and lab work, the doctors couldn't find anything physically wrong with my heart. I no longer have that chest pain in my heart since my last session with Miles. What an amazing miracle for me! Heart disease runs in the family and now I understand that it was really all those inherited emotional heart walls from generations of both my mother and fathers side. I find my heart is more open to both giving and receiving love and it feels AWESOME! Thank you Miles for being the vessel that allowed me to release my heart wall."
Nancy Sue Meyer"  Washington USA

The Emotion Code Releases Generations of Trapped Emotions In One Session:

My emotion code experience was powerful!  I felt an intense pulling at the start of the treatment.  It is a very quick technique, unintrusive, and the energy I felt around me was immense.  I felt lighter and more energetic.  It was very cool to see my story unfold into generations back!! 

Bonnie Gjertsen.  Medicine Hat

The Emotion Code for Healing the Body:

For almost 10 years I have been struggling with plantar fasciitis. I have tried specialized massage, chiropractic, stretches, shoe orthopedics -but nothing had any lasting results....until I found Miles Albrecht. In one hour he was able to release stored emotional blocks that went back generation after generation, and most importantly took away my pain. The night I had the session my feet hurt so bad I could barely stand, but the next day the pain was much less and by day two the pain was gone! That was over four months ago and the pain has not returned! Since then I have also booked Innerbalance to do sessions for my 3 year old son to help with his aggression and wanting to bite everything. The Emotion Code works for him too. I would recommend it to anyone.
Melissa Brooks. Calgary

Hi Miles,
Thank you so much for all of your help last week with my session. My back is feeling awesome! Far better than it would be with physio or massage! The pain and stiffness is gone and it feels as good as new (Which is amazing because it has been bothering me since the Christmas break!) I'm drinking lots of water, and feeling great. Almost like a big weight has been lifted off of my shoulders.

One week later....Hi Miles, My back is still doing great. I had masters classes all weekend and sat through them with no pain or stiffness. 

Name withheld upon request. Calgary

I was fortunate to have had the opportunity to have a session with Miles. For over a year I had experienced left sided chest pain, which the Doctors were unable to discover the cause. After the first session with Miles I noticed a huge improvement, after the second session the pain was gone. With the approval of my doctor I was able to discontinue my medication. I feel very thankful to have met Miles, he is very professional in this line of work.
 Name with held upon request .  Medicine Hat

The Emotion Code for Animals:

Very helpful! Anyone looking for a holistic treatment approach for their pet's health should consider booking some Emotion Code healing sessions with Miles. My 8yr old cat who suffers with chronic anxiety and asthma has had 2 treatments so far and it was fascinating to see his behavior during the sessions as he released stored emotions - yawning, twitching and chirping. After the sessions he was deeply peaceful and has been a much happier and healthier guy. I plan to continue working with Miles as part of the treatment team supporting my cat's wellness.
Joanna Card - Psychologist, Calgary, AB

I am so grateful for the continued healing support Miles provides to the furry man in my life. Through monthly maintenance sessions over the last year, I have seen amazing results for my kitty. I have been able to reduce his medications, his asthmatic cough has disappeared, and he is a much happier and healthier guy. Miles has been able to connect deeply with him and pass on some messages to me about adding in certain supplements and enhancing his living space." 

Joanna Card - Psychologist, Calgary, AB

Releasing my Heart Wall opened me up to dating again: 

I had tried several different modalities of healing and decided to give the Emotion Code a try. I thought I had blocks in my heart wall which were affecting my life in general and relationships. One of the issues was that I hadn't felt like dating for at least a couple of years mostly because I didn't feel worthy, and after seeing Miles for several sessions. I am now in a relationship and things seem to be going very well. I am more loving of myself and others and feel more content in general. I am forever grateful for Miles and his expertise. He is kind and caring and exceedingly personable. I have enjoyed this journey with him and expect to do more work with him the future with other energy blocks.
Thanks Miles!

Roxanne – Medicine Hat, AB.

Crushing Heart Wall created by Grief, now released, and enjoying life again:

My husband died suddenly over two years ago. I was in shock and did not visibly "grieve".  
For several months recently, I had been in a great deal of pain throughout my body. The puzzling thing was that even though I do have Osteoarthritis in several joints, I was hurting in places where there were no joints! I was also always tired.  

I went to several medical appointments. I had all the signs and symptoms of fibromyalgia. I believed there was an emotional cause, but of course there are no tests to prove the diagnosis. The only solution I was given for my pain was to take any medications that might work to lessen the pain. I was not sleeping well, so was sent to a sleep apnea clinic for more tests. I knew all along that the reason I wasn't sleeping well was that I was hurting. I was tossing and turning with discomfort and pain. I would nap every chance I had, which was not like me. I knew it was to avoid having to deal with the pain and I was tired because I hadn't slept well at night! 

Then one day a friend of mine just happened to mention that I probably had a heart wall. I had never heard of that, so I immediately researched it, and was led to Miles.   After the first session with Miles, I already felt better, but after three sessions with Miles, ( two by phone and one in person) I felt no more pain!
I was sleeping better, and I felt as though a big weight had been lifted off my chest.   I can't believe how much better I feel now. I am no longer depressed, and I feel good. I don't ever want to go back to that "dark and painful" place again.  

Thank you, Miles.  
Christa Brooks ,Texas.

Testing The Emotion Code:

Hello Miles,

 Thinking about our appointment and I have decided to take the package for the heart wall.  Your session was so powerful the first time, and I certainly felt the effects later that evening. My expectations is to feel as healthy as I possibly can, both physically, emotionally and spiritually.  The curse did freak me out a bit, and I have tired not to dwell on it like you suggested. I have been hoping that my spiritual connections would become stronger , but not so far. Anyways I will continue working on the through mediation and prayer.


Barbara, Medicine Hat AB.

3 weeks later,

Releasing her Heart Wall:

Hello Miles,

 Thank you for your work on Thursday night. In the past few days,  I have  felt the angels around me and in my minds eye, kept seeing them seal light up inside of me .  Very Cool! Sunday night I got a sore throat and felt awful, went to work anyways , that was a mistake.  I came home and slept most of the evening and took today off.  Last night in my dreams, angels visited me and were healing me through my husband.  My husband must of been rubbing my back and the angels were telling me how to heal.  It was such a lucid dream, that I am still feeling the effects of it, as I type this message.  Thought that you might be interested in what is happening to me through this process of peeling back the layers of my heart wall.  Thank you for the report, I will not dwell on it, only let it go with love.  Thanks again, for all you do in bringing love and light to this world.


Barbara, Medicine Hat. AB.

Releasing the Heart Wall and feeling Relief :

I had five sessions with Miles working on my heart wall. After the first session I had quite an emotional release where I spent a day crying and releasing. After that day I felt calmer and lighter and each session after I felt more clear and happier.
 After clearing my heart wall I really do feel like I have let a lot of anger, frustration and stress go. I am more present and at peace, and very grateful to experience this joyful state of mind.
Thank you Miles for your wonderful work!
Christa Marx   Calgary. AB.

Releasing stored energies from one healer who has been around over 15 yrs.

I have been on a path in the alternative health field for well over 15 years and have had the pleasure of experiencing a wide range of modalities.  Some were not for me while others were very profound.  I found that my experience with Miles and the Emotional Freedom Technique was just such an experience.  I feel very blessed to have had the opportunity to work with him and encourage others to give it a try.  You may feel as I do that this is one of those great things you can do to support you and your growth.  Miles has been driven to continually learn and search for ways to help not only himself but to share his knowledge and abilities with others.  I so admire his dedication.  Thanks Miles.

Jo Mardian

Releasing Emotions, This is why I love what I do, and I feel very blessed to be able to help others release their burdens that are holding them back in Life.

I first met Miles at a workshop and was very drawn to his story. I went to speak with him after the class and was very interested in the work he did. I booked a session to see what it was all about. I had just gotten out of a very awful marriage and was in the middle of a very turbulent divorce.

In my first session with Miles I was amazed at what he knew about me: the feelings, the time frame, how I stored my emotions. He was able to do all of this without even really talking to me about what was going on with me/ what had happened in the past. After the first session he warned me that I might not feel very well for the next few days as my emotions had time to release. My emotions were so toxic that I actually ended up throwing up 2 days later. My second session I waited a while to allow for myself to heal and to deal with some of the things I was still going through.

In our first session Miles told me I had a heart wall that was made of steel and extended 42 feet from my body. I had been through counselling for my divorce and was on anxiety medication to help me cope with my racing mind. With neither option really helping I decided that I was going to be totally open to the 'emotion code' as I really had nothing to lose. I was determined to rid myself and my body of stored emotions that were preventing me from living a truly loved filled life. So my following sessions were focused on releasing my heart wall. In only 3 sessions Miles was able to completely clear my heart wall.
The most noticeable difference for me has been how the sessions have helped to heal my anxiety. Prior to Miles I woke up with what felt like a brick sitting on my chest every morning. It was like I was always carrying this anxious weight around with me and it was always so much heavier when I first woke up. After completing our healing session I no longer wake up with an anxiety brick on my chest and I feel truly happy from the inside out and am no longer on daily anxiety medication.

Part of this work is completely due to the healing through the emotion code the maintenance part is my work through continued meditation, yoga and journalling.

I also took my 4 year old daughter to Miles for one session. In this session he was able to pinpoint the emotions stored in her body from my divorce which completely mirrored the emotions that he had released from me in the same time frame. It completely saddened me to know my daughter was storing such toxic emotions from such a young age. Yet through the 'Emotion Code' Miles was able to release them from her body so she does not carry them into adulthood as I did.
I am truly grateful for the work that Miles did with both myself and my daughter, I am a very empathetic person and I carried a lot of emotional baggage that has now been wiped from my body and I wake up feeling so grateful and happy each and every morning. 

Amanda, Calgary

 One session and free from pain.

I had had several months of inexplainable back pain, and couldn't figure it out.  After many visits to the chiropractor, and other alternative practitioners, I did not feel better for more than a day or so.

I was popping pills...none of which worked...and was becoming angry and frustrated.  I began to think I must have a serious problem with my kidney or liver, as the pain was radiating up and down the front and back of my spine.

Then one day I realized I was in a depression, and couldn't stop crying. I had not really grieved
(or shown visible signs of grief in the traditional sense) my husband's sudden passing 3 1/2 years ago. The crying relieved some of the back pain, so I figured there had to be an emotional connection.

I had worked with Miles before ( he had removed my "heartwall") so I thought I should give him a call.

One "long distance visit" over the phone and the pain was GONE! Not just better, but GONE!
I am so pleased!

Thank you, Miles.

Christa Brooks, Texas

 For those children who may be dealing with trauma from an event.

My son has been having Emotion Code treatments with Miles for a few months now after experiencing a very traumatic event. Every week I see an improvement in his mood, an improvement in his ability to cope with stress, and an improvement in his overall ability to function in life. The energy sessions are an integral component of my son’s overall wellness plan, and I know he can feel them working because he actually asks for more “magic” when he is feeling stressed!  

Melissa, Calgary.


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