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The Body Code


The Body Code is one of the most advanced energy healing modalities the world has seen. Brought to us by Dr. Bradley Nelson, it can release traumas, energy blockages, find imbalances in the body faster then anything I have ever experienced. The Body code is the next step beyond The Emotion Code and is only available for healers such as myself who are certified Emotion Code practitioners. 

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to...

  • Wake up feeling powerful and youthful?
  • Wake up with total clarity, passion and excitement about your life?
  • Wake up next to your soul mate every morning?

Would you like me to share with you...

  • How you can experience more vitality?
  • How you can more fun with your kids?
  • How you can enjoy better relationships?
  • How you can have prosperity flowing to you?

The Body Code system is a complete system of natural energy balancing created by Dr. Bradley Nelson.  The Body Code system was developed and completed over 21 years of working with real people in a clinic atmosphere.

The Body Code system is designed to be a complete health and wellness guide. This system helps eliminate the underlying causes of illness.  This allows you to address any symptom before it turns into something much worse.  Uncorrected symptoms lead into diseases with time.  The Body Code system is a disease prevention system that allows you to address any imbalance before it manifests into a crisis event.

I am so excited to have begun my training in this modality and I am amazed at the speed at which I am able to release the different energy blockages, and/or emotions that are causing health imbalances and energy disconnects in my clients. Coupled with The Emotion Code you are in a win, win situation! Below are links to additional information on the Body Code as described, quoted directly from Healer's Library.

The Body Code

The Body Code is the wider system of healing that includes The Emotion Code. The Emotion Code alone is extraordinarily powerful and effective, and sometimes the added capabilities of the wider Body Code system allow for a deeper level of healing.

The six general areas of blocks that can be identified are:  Energies (includes Blocked Emotions), Toxicity, Circuitry (includes organs, glands, meridians, chakras), Pathogens, Structural (body parts, including bones, muscles, organs, nerves), Nutritional.

Using The Body Code includes identifying and clearing blocked emotions.  The Emotion Code is the heart of The Body Code system.

The Body Code Can Address:

 All Body Systems  
– Integumentary System 
– Urinary System 
– Skeletal System 
– Muscular System 
– Respiratory System 
– Reproductive System 
– Circulatory System 
– Digestive System 
– Endocrine System 
– Immune System 
– Lymphatic System 
– Nervous System 

Outside Needs 
– Chiropractic Care 
– Mental and Emotional Fitness 
– Physical Needs 
– Adjunctive Therapies 

Dental Meridian Connections 
The Eight Extraordinary Meridians 
Morning Sickness (complete maps!) 
Physical to Physical Disconnections 
Spirit to Spirit Disconnections (usually a 'broken heart') 
Misalignments of Any and All Tissues 
Complete Pictures and Diagrams of the Skeleton 
Physical and Spiritual Malnutrition 
Color Deficiency 

And More.!!!

The Body Code Sessions

Sessions can be done in person as well as from a distance, from anywhere in the world, which to me is so exciting, as it means anyone can have relief without having to travel. I always work with the two programs, The Emotion Code and The Body Code now, as they both complement each other, and they allows me to cover so much more with each person. I can do a distance session over the phone, or by Skype with the same outcome as in person. As energy is limitless and knows no bounds, I can work on someone half way around the world and receive the same intended outcome.

 What about children and animals?

This can work with children of all ages, and all animals. As the work can be done in proxy, or at a distance anywhere in the world. The parents/guardians consent is  always required prior to commencing a session with children.

How long is a session?

The session can be 30 mins or 1 hour.


The body is like a lie detector. Your being is believed to be made up from both your conscious mind and subconscious mind; With your conscious mind accounting for using only 10% of your entire brain function, while the subconscious uses the other 90%. This is an eye-opening statistic, because most people believe that the conscious mind, which thinks, makes decisions, listens, remembers things etc,is the main system in control. However few people give the subconscious mind much recognition, it is archiving and remembering everything. It records everything you've ever done, every face you've seen, everything you've eaten, tasted, touched, smelled and the whole history of your health or disease. The Body Core System believes the history of every cell, down to the anatomic level, is archived away in the mini computer which is your subconscious mind.

Energy healing promotes the harmony and balance within which relieves the stress and will support the body's natural ability to heal. Energy healing is widely recognized as a valuable compliment to conventional medical care. The Body Code System is a simple, yet powerful healing method which is really at the forefront of Energy Psychology and Bioenergetic Medicine. The Body Code examines the underlying energy imbalances that cause illness and emotion issues. which when these imbalances are removed the body has an innate power to heal itself.


Body Code 1.0 vs. Body Code 2.0

The Body Code, the most advanced energy modality in the world that allows your body to start a healing process.



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