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Theta DNA 1 & 2


Theta DNA, sounds interesting doesn't it.?  I thought so to, so I took a few courses of it just because I could not resist learning the basis behind the name. I found it fascinating! We dived into each others body energy by scanning fellow participants, and using the energy that we were trained to bring in during the first few sessions, we investigated the imbalances that showed up in the energy field of the person we were examining. For the most part we were correct in pronouncing what we found. After a couple training courses I chose to continue on with energetic training using other systems, but I was interested enough to start to follow the workings of Brent Phillips, a Master Theta Healing practitioner who is well known across North America. One day in the near future,  I would love to be able to dwell deeper into the training in Theta Healing. Until then, I incorporate the skills I did learn into all my healing sessions.  

If you would like to learn more about Theta DNA I encourage you to check out the links below which offer very thorough explanations of the modality.  Enjoy your reading on these pages and by the time you are finished you will have a better understanding of Theta Healing.



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