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Who Can Benefit From The Emotion Code?


Are the emotions from your past still with you? 
Could they still be affecting you in unseen ways?

Everyone can benefit from releasing their trapped emotions, from the youngest in your family, to the oldest. Trapped emotions can also be released from loved ones that have past. Emotions are energy, and energy never dies, it gets released. Unless you release the energy of emotions you carry, they will attach themselves to your energy body and stay with you forever. Who wants to carry that baggage around with them? At the bottom of this page is a chart with a sample of the conditions The Emotion Code can help with. This list however is not extensive, and should be endless as there is no limit to the conditions that can benefit from energy healing.

Often adults search for holistic healing to assist with their own concerns, often forgetting about the stress and emotions that children are faced with on a daily basis. Statistics increasingly show that children are becoming more and more susceptible to diseases and conditions that were traditionally associated with adults. Babies, toddlers and children of all ages respond very positively to energy healing. Sleep disorders, behavior concerns, anxiety, fussy eating or health concerns are just a few of the common targeted symptoms for children. Just as it is for adults and animals, the list of conditions that can be improved using The Emotion Code is endless. For information on how sessions are conducted for babies and children, please refer to the Types of Sessions section of my webpage. Children and animals typically respond best using distance sessions when their caregiver acts as a surrogate. 

The beauty of Energy Therapy is that it transcends time and distance. 
When connecting by “proxy” using a surrogate to stand in for the client, 
distant healing treatments are equally as effective as in-person sessions.

Another wonderful  aspect of The Emotion Code by Dr.Bradley Nelson is that it can also be used on animals of any size or breed. Animals also experience emotions and carry the energy with them in the course of their lifetimes. Animals are very responsive to the use of The Emotion Code as they have no walls put up prior to commencement of a session. Animals sense energy and are eager to get started on releasing their burdens that are holding them back from enjoying the life they are here to enjoy.

Check out the testimonials of these happy clients:

Thanks, Miles!

As promised, here's a testimonial for you to use:

As an energy healer myself, I recognize the importance of clearing blocks in my life so that I am more available to help my own clients. I had previously heard of Emotion Code therapy and was delighted to come across Miles! 
I was completely astonished to realize that some of the major events I had experienced in my life were STILL affecting my body and my energy. These were things that I thought I had left behind.  The most amazing moment was when we had realized that one particular emotion had been carried from 17 generations of mothers in my family...and I had actually passed it on to my children! I believe it was then that I realized just how important this kind of work was for the changes this world is going through. This method of clearing is fast and very effective...and essential for breaking cycles that we don't even know we carry with us! 
I am so very grateful to have met Miles and had the chance to work with him. His intuitive skills, combined with his practice, make him a very vital tool for our balance and well-being on all levels...Thank You, Miles!
Mandy Metz, Medicine Hat, Alberta

I have benefited on a personal level from heart wall treatments. As a care giving professional there is a risk of compassion fatigue building up over time and draining one's emotional and physical energy. I was curious to experience whether the emotion code could assist with this issue. After several treatments with Miles I feel lighter and more peaceful, I have deeper emotional presence in sessions with my clients,  and have more of me left over after work for my family and friends. Thank-you! 

Joanna Card - Psychologist, Calgary, AB


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