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Young Living Essential Oils


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In my mind Young Living essential oils are the best in the world, without a doubt. I got involved with Young Living in 1998. I was dealing with severe fibromyalgia, brought on by a major surgery. The bottom of my feet were unbearable, and I couldn't open my left hand without being in pain. I was diagnosed by the medical field to have 10 out of 10 pressure points at that time. Then my life began to turn around. A buddy of mine brought over some Birch oil, and asked me to trust him. He applied the Young Living oil on my joints, muscles and tendons and within 10 minutes I was opening my hands pain free. I was hooked, and so began my start into the world of Young Living Essential Oils. I researched for a couple of weeks which oils I needed to regain my health, and started on a very aggressive program consisting of only YL essential oils and YL essential oil supplements. 

Before my surgery in 1998 the medical field told me that at my current rate of health I had about 6 months left to live. Thankfully I was determined to not let their prediction come true. I had things to live for yet. and after I found Young Living I knew that I had found the product and the opportunity to turn my health around. I am today obviously still here, still using YL products daily and I wouldn't trust my life with any other essential oil.

Young Living has become a superior world leader in essential oils. The company has expanded to every corner of the globe, they own their own farms, distilleries, and a health center in Ecuador . They are one of the fastest growing multi-level companies in existence.

I have had many health issues to deal with since my surgery in 1998, and have trusted the quality of YL to assist me in my healing. As often as possible I suggest YL products to family and friends to aid them on their journey to optimum health as well, and have received very positive feedback. Young Living oils, supplements and hygiene products have helped to keep me balanced, grounded and most importantly alive to enjoy my family and friends.

To check out a full line of Youngliving products, follow the link to my YL webpage below and enjoy browsing through the full line up of oils and product listed. You can even sign up as a member on this site if you are interested in ordering YL oils for your own benefit, or starting a business with YL.   Independent Distributor # 321495

The Missing Link By Gary Young.

My favorite daily application of oils goes in this order.

1. Valor
4 drops on the bottom of each foot. Helps to keep me grounded, balanced and gives me the strength and courage to go through my day. It is nicknamed "the chiropractor in a bottle", as it is used to help correct the alignment of your spine and neck bones. It sure makes a difference with me when I feel out of alignment. When I feel my neck out of place, I apply a few drops along the vertebrae and it improves my range of motion and makes adjustments much easier. 

I also like using the Valor roll on as it is very easy to carry with you.

2. Cypress

I use Cypress for circulation. I apply 5 or 6 drops over my stomach area as there are a lot of blood vessels in this area it doesn't take long to circulate through my system. I cover the entire area of my stomach with it, rubbing in a clock wise direction for positive energy and to aid lymph drainage as well.

3. Ylang Ylang

Next I will apply 3 - 4 drops of Ylang Ylang on the bottom of my feet. I feel this helps support my blood pressure through the day to keep it balanced. and it smells sooo good.

4. Aroma Life

Aroma Life is another oil that I have come to use daily. I believe that this oil also helps to maintain my blood pressure. A few drops daily on the underside of one arm is all it takes. I believe that it helps to keep my arteries clear from the plaque build up that can occur.

5. Juniper
I will then apply 4 drops of Juniper to the bottom of my feet. As I am dealing with kidney issues, Juniper is an oil that helps to flush the kidneys out, and support them through the day. I also love the smell of the Juniper oil. I put the oil on the k27 energy point on the foot which is the kidney energy point.

6. Frankincense

The last oil that I use on a daily basis is Frankincense. I love this oil! It is such a tremendous oil that I just don't go without it. I apply Frankincense around my eyes and on my third eye daily. This I believe will help control the advancement of eye cataracts. It is also being tested in YL clinics against cancer cells with some amazing results appearing.

7. Ningxia Red Juice

Ningxia Red Juice is a premium juice supplement of Young Living that I use daily. I have taken 2 - 4 oz's of the Red every day since 98. It is energizing, immune stimulating and enhancing, and a very potent mixture of berries that just keep you smiling all day. An awesome daily juice to drink and kids love it too! It is a health booster free of artificial sugars for the kiddies to drink.

The old, formulation.

And the new stronger formulation, a more superior combination of berries.

I could go on forever with my love of all the oils from Young Living and I do use them all for different purposes. Thieves, Lemon, Lavender, Pan Away, etc. The best I can suggest is to follow the link to my website for all the wonderful different oils that Young Living supplies. While you are browsing on My Young Living site, consider adding the wonders and health that Young Living can
deliver to you and your family; sign up as a distributor and start enjoying a different lifestyle. You can have a goal to build a business with it, or use it just for yourself.      Independent Distributor # 321495

For your research or general interest purposes I have included a few links to You Tube videos featuring essential oils. Please browse and enjoy at your leisure.   Essential Oils---The Most Potent Plant Healing Substances Available   Heal Your Gut Naturally with Young Living Essential Oils  Mary and Gary Young webinar 1000 people on call  1st Aid Using Young Living Essential Oils    Chemistry of Essential Oils with Dr David Stewart    FOX NEWS STORY -- Folks Say Young Living Oils Are HEALING     Intro to Young Living Essential Oils by Ladonna   I've Got My Oils; Now What?!  DoTerra vs Young Living Essential Oils   The Truth About Frankincense    NBC News Story -- Young Living Oils Being Used In Yet ANOTHER US Hospital   Essential Oils: An introduction  Raindrop Therapy, Part 1, using Young Living Essential oils


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